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1333 Bonham Terrace
Austin, TX  78704

Sarah Schulman, aged 23, is a doctoral student at Oxford University where she studies youth participation and youth policy on a 2005 Rhodes Scholarship. For the past 15 years, Sarah has served as a youth advocate and consultant to local, state, federal, and international non-profit and governmental organizations. Sarah got her start as a 7-year-old tobacco sting agent and spokesperson for the Texas Department of Health. By age 13, Sarah was tired of breaking laws and wanted to start making them. She founded Youth Infusion, a student-run organization that provides technical assistance and capacity building to organizations targeting youth, but not yet meaningfully engaging youth. Today, she is joining forces with young people in the UK, to build a global youth consultancy network.  Sarah started Youth Infusion four years ago after noticing a surprising lack of youth representation within health organizations claiming to target young people. What started as one-on-one consultations to organizations is now growing into a larger organization with a broader focus and more defined mission and goals. She is thrilled to share her passion for youth-adult partnerships with a larger audience and looks forward to helping the organization expand.

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